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Boosting Your

Animal’s Health


Complementary Health Care

Treat your furry friends to a whole new array of animal care and wellness! At Integrative Veterinary Wellness Service, LLC, in Traverse City, Michigan, Dr. Pam offer animal chiropractic and acupuncture care, as well as traditional medical and surgical services. You do not need to stop medications, cancel the surgery, or forgo seeing your regular veterinarian. Dr. Pam’s services supplement regular veterinary practice with natural forms of healing to foster to complete health. She knows how much people love their pets, which is why she takes pride in providing a wide spectrum of services, including the following:

Medical Exams & Labs | Chiropractic Care | Acupuncture | Cold Laser Therapy | Rehabilitation Services | Home Exercise Services


Alternative Holistic Medicine

Boosting your animal’s health with alternative treatments. Dr. Pam offers chiropractic care, acupuncture, and cold laser therapy for pets. Chiropractic care, also known as spinal manipulation, improves joint movement and general wellness while decreasing pain. It also releases “stuck” joints and helps animal athletes maintain their usual levels of activity.

Like chiropractic care, acupuncture is known for relieving pain by stimulating nerves and improving their communication. It also balances the body, soothes certain neurological problems, and aids recovery after surgery. Cold laser therapy is used in conjunction with several other modalities to resolve pain, stimulate cellular metabolism, and increase the speed of healing. The Class III Respond Veterinary Therapeutic Laser Dr. Pam uses is safe and painless.


Big and Small Pets

When you need a veterinarian with experience on pets of all sizes, Dr. Pam is the person to rely on. She helps smaller pets with arthritis, spinal problems, intermittent lameness, and degenerative diseases live happily for as long as possible. In addition to maintaining athleticism and usual activity levels, she also treats animals who need pre- and post-operative rehabilitation from orthopedic surgeries and help with wound healing.

Dr. Pam also loves working with horses and helping them stay healthy. Contact her for solutions to training issues caused by pain. When your horse displays a lack of collection, poor conformation, or lameness issues, she can help. She knows what to do when your horse becomes unexpectantly cinchy or suddenly bucks when under saddle. Her clinic also offers follow-up EPM management for horses.


Why Choose "Integrative Veterinary Wellness Service"?

Integrative Veterinary Wellness Service, LLC, of Traverse City, Michigan, could very well be the best veterinary practice on Earth—at least that’s what the animals seem to think. Pets of all shapes and sizes love Dr. Pam’s gentle touch. Owners love Dr. Pam because she treats the entire animal, not a specific condition. She calls her animal clinic “integrative” because she uses all types of medicine: traditional medicine and surgery, chiropractic care, and even acupuncture and Chinese herbs.